Bread rolls and other bread types (pre-cooked and cooked).

It can also cut pastry products (sponge cake and other pastries).

Continuous cut for even 600mm width.

Its cutting board can be adjustable and it incorporates optical viewfinders.

It includes a control panel to regulate electronic speed variators. Panel is also made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

Slicer can make two cuts if we preset the desired slice thickness.

It can manufacture 3000 bread rolls of 300mm per hour (two bread rolls at the same time).

It is suitable for continuous production lines.

Sliced bread can be covered and uncovered automatically

Very solid, reliable and ergonomic machine.

According to EC Directive.



It allows cutting automatically a wide variety of Bakery and Pastry products (cottage loaf, bread roll, sponge cake, cakes among others).

Products are placed on the conveyor belt that takes them towards the cutter.

The slicer includes two belts (at top and bottom) to ensure we have the correct pressure and also to calibrate that products are well position for being cut.

Both belts are adjustable.

Cutting measurements are: maximum length of 300mm and maximum height of 60mm (thickness).

Once the product is cut, it goes out through the exit ramp. Products can also be deposited on a conveyor belt (multipurpose and automated).

According to EC Directive.



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