This universal workbench can be used for cutting, bending, rolling, forming and filling multiple pastries and cakes. We can incorporate different accessories to manufacture products easily and effectively for both artisan and industrial productions.

There are several advantages of working with this machine, we can manufacture a wide range of different products, it is flexible and we can change from one product to another easily. It is easy to operate and there many accessories at your disposal.

The cleaning and maintenance of the machine is quick and easy.

It incorporates a washable belt specific for food industry.

Its Belt height is around 920 mm.

Machine automated control, touch screen and a memory up to 99 programmes.

Additional accessories:

  • Cutting rollers (different shapes available)
  • Automatic calibrator
  • Metering for different pastry fillings
  • Humidifier
  • Folding Stations
  • Shear (guillotine)
  • Different accessories for manufacturing a wide variety of products


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