The Ciabatta line is a working tool designed to automatically cut high water content sourdoughs (more than 80% water content) and any other doughs (till 50%) such as Ciabatta, Roman and Galician breads, natural bread, water bread, rustic baguettes and other special types of bread. Our aim is to achieve high standard products and we are able to manufacture large bread productions with a successful and artisanal result.

Our product range is wide and we offer very affordable machinery for small and big productions, intermediate machinery, large decking lines and also fully automated production systems.



It is the perfect tool for small and medium artisan bakery productions.

It measures 1.5 meters closed and 3.5 meters opened.
It includes “TECNOMAX” our exclusive multiroller head and it is able to adjust and calibrate dough without removing gas.

It incorporates a transverse shear and longitudinal cutting discs that can be interchangeable.

Oblique multiple cutter is available for special types of bread such as Galician bread.

Very silent machine, it does not need a compressor.

According to EC Directive.




This machine manufactures doughs to get an artisanal appearance as if it was kneaded by hand. It avoids the loss of gas and preserves its honeycomb shape which is a typical characteristic of this elaboration.
It is the best solution to get a high profitable output.
Bread making process: Once the dough has been removed from the dough mixer, a portion is placed (automatically or by hand) into each plastic recipient or into a stainless steel trough for fermentation.
Fermentation time has to be enough for the dough so that it swells to twice its original size (depending on the process). At that point, dough will be tipped from the containers to the feeder belt or into the automatic continuous feed hopper.
It also includes “TECNOMAX” our exclusive multiroller head that produces a continuous sheet of tension-free dough. It has a dual gauge to get an even sheet of dough and it also incorporates optical measurement indicators. Once dough is manufactured, we get an even sheet of dough with the same width and height as we have previously selected.
All belts and calipers are activated by independent geared motors which are controlled by latest available variators.
Machine incorporates several electronic speed variators that let us adjust it depending on the dough characteristics and timing.
Dough is cut by a gate shear and divided lengthways by sets of interchangeable cutting discs which cut in straight line. Lines of dough are separated onto diverging conveyor belts.
It includes automated and independent flour mills which we are able to control from a touch screen, where you are able to set the amount of flour that has to be applied in each program over the feeding belt and on each gauche.
Once the pieces come out of the machine they are collected and placed on the corresponding mats, boards or trays either manually or automatically.
This machine is made of AISI 304 stainless steel, special aluminum alloys and technical plastics.
According to EC Directive.


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